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Radish Time at Just Picked

by Lui Sykes

The first seasonal treats to show up at the farmers market every year are lettuces and leafy greens. They are a truly welcome sight after the long winter, but what gets me even more excited a few weeks into the season are the first vegetables that you can actually sink your teeth in: radishes. In the early spring, young radishes ...


by Lui Sykes

Yesterday I uploaded the 600th variety to purpleradish.com. A lot of love and dedication goes into creating these, so you’ll have to forgive me for getting very excited about such milestones. To see the 100 most recent additions at a glance, take a look at the featured varieties below: ...

Flu Food

by Lui Sykes

Despite having a two-year-old in daycare, this winter’s cold and flu season has been strangely benign for the Sykeses. But just as the snow finally melted earlier this month and we thought we were safe, the evil microbes finally struck. Kim came down with a stomach flu and Lina and I got a cold. Our appetites predictably changed and I switched gears in the kitchen to what you might call flu food: comforting, restorative ...

Technicolor Corn

by Lui Sykes

At the end of last summer I marveled at the just-harvested, highly unusual corn varieties offered on the cob at the Windfall Farms stall. I had always assumed such ridiculously colorful corn was purely ornamental, but I learned from the farmers that it's actually entirely edible (and unsprayed to boot). I had long ago decided to limit Purple Radish photographs to produce that was both fresh and sold as edible, and ...

Global Inspiration

by Lui Sykes

More than at any other time of year, in winter my cooking ventures outside my usual Mediterranean comfort zone. When there are few exciting new ingredients showing up at the farmers market and when the stale offerings in the supermarket produce aisle are a sad shadow of the previous season’s glories, it’s time to explore some new seasonings and techniques. My latest round of recipe additions spans the globe ...